Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You Have the Power

Hey there. It's been a while since I've been active, but I'm not going to dwell on that. Instead, I'm going to reflect and offer my thoughts on recent national events. I don't usually do this on my blog, but I feel like the occasion calls for it. So here goes. 

First off, the inauguration of Donald Trump. Yikes. Only a few days into his term, and he's already signed anti-choice legislation, approved the Dakota and Keystone XL pipelines, and spent more than enough time blustering lies about the size of the crowd at his inauguration. 

I'm scared for the future of this country, but I'm also more determined than ever to raise my voice and demand positive change. One thing that lifted my spirits was the Women's March on Washington. If you don't know what I'm referring to...well, you do. Knowing that literally millions of women across the country--and even the world--rose up on January 21st to make their voices heard and march for what they believe in fills me with so much pride. I am proud to be a woman. I am proud to be a feminist. I am proud of everyone who participated in the DC march, in a local march, urged others to attend a march, or spread the word. I was able to attend part of the rally in my state, and I was surprised at how huge the crowd was. The March completely overshadowed the inauguration, and signified that the women of America are prepared to stand up for their rights in the face of a President who threatens to strip us of every gain we've painstakingly made since this country was founded.

Now I urge you to action. Stand up. Speak out. Write. Write social media posts. Write blog posts. Write poetry. Write to your Congresspeople. Attend local marches. Donate money, if you're able. And whatever you do, do not become passive. The most dangerous thing you could do is become complacent. Understand reality, but do not accept it. Advocate for change. Force yourself to be shocked and outraged where others have become numb. This is not the new norm. 

If you want a simple, direct way to impact change, visit this link on the Women's March website. Every ten days, they will give you a new, specific challenge to complete to impact change in your country. Currently, it's to write a postcard to your Senator about an issue that matters to you. I will be writing about women's reproductive rights. Sign up on the link to stay updated when new challenges come out. 

In the meantime, remember that you can impact change. I wrote this poem today, and I'd like to share it here to remind you to stay strong and channel the power within you. 


There is power in you.

There is power in your actions.
There is power in the fists you raise,
in the marches you walk,
in the hands you hold 
and the promises you fulfill.

There is power in your words.
There is power in the letters you write,
in the poems you pen,
in the songs you sing to the world,
in the stories you weave
and the mantras you spread.

There is power in your ideas.
There is power in the light in your eyes
when you share your beliefs.
There is power in the hope you create
when you show others that they, too,
can contribute to the making of a better world. 

There is power in your connections.
There is power in the voices you acknowledge,
in the tears you wipe from the eyes of strangers,
in the sense of place you create
when you unite others through passion. 

There is power in your future.
There is power in the possibility
of what you can become,
in the promise of what you will achieve,
and in the strength of will it requires to bring you there. 

There is power in your past.
There is power in the courage it took 
to bring you where you are today,
in the slope you traversed to stand by your beliefs,
in the bonds you may have broken
and the ones you created along the way.

There is power in your aspirations.
There is power in your passion,
and power in your determination
to stand up for what is right.
There is power in your heart,
coursing through your veins,
running from the heels of your feet
to the tip of your tongue. 

There is power
in you.

L8r Sk8r,