Saturday, October 15, 2016

DIY Choker Necklaces

choker ribbon
ribbon wrapped twice around the neck, tied at the back
Chokers are my favorite kind of necklace. They're stylish, versatile, and--best of all--easy to make! Chokers are hot right now, which means that they can be unreasonably pricey. Fifteen bucks for a ten inch piece of rope? No thank you! Fortunately, chokers are the most DIY-able necklace. If you learn to use the materials around you, you'll never have to buy one again. Without further ado, here is some inspiration and how-to to get you started.

ideas for materials
First, gather your materials. The list for what can make a choker is endless. Shoelaces, ribbon, old/broken necklaces, leather, name it. My friend even made me a choker by braiding old pieces of jeans!
Second, figure out how much material you need, and how you're going to fasten it around your neck. If it's something like ribbon or string, you'll need enough to tie a bow around your neck. The braided jean choker on the above left clasps together via a safety pin on either end. If you're using an old necklace or chain, you might need to find a pair of needle nose pliers and an old necklace or bracelet clasp and fasten it on.

jean braided choker
braided jeans! 
The last step is deciding how you want to wear your new choker. If you're using twine or ribbon, consider wrapping it twice around your neck, and experiment with putting the bow in both the front or back (you might need someone else to tie it for you, it you have slippery fingers like me). Also consider wrapping it tight around your neck, and then having the second loop hang down at your chest, with a heavy pendant at the end. Experiment with pendants of all kinds; take them off other necklaces or make your own out of wire and household objects.

That's it! Making your own, stylish choker is seriously that easy. Now when you see a must-have choker in a store window, stop and think for a moment: Can I make that? The answer is almost always yes. Now go forth and create!

leather, weighted down with a bottle of seashells
an old necklace, revamped

L8r sk8r,


  1. I LOVE these! I think I need to go make myself some now too... >___<

    1. Thank you! Good luck making them!

  2. CHOKERS ARE THE BOMB. They really are-- good thing I'm actually making a trip to Michaels tomorrow after the college fair, so I may just grab supplies and make my own. ;)

    xoxo Morning

    1. Hooray! A craft store is definitely the best place to pick up choker-making supplies.

  3. These are SO CUTE! I love chokers honestly, you can personalize them to your own liking and I love them so much wowow.


    1. Exactly! The customizable element is my favorite part about them.

  4. These chokers look really nice. I have recently gotten to like them and seeing yours in different styles makes me want to get more now.


    1. Thank you! Don't hesitate to make you're own--they're easy and awesome!


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