Friday, September 2, 2016

I Dyed My Hair!

Helloooo, blogisphere! It's me, Ella, back at it again to tell you about my recent experience with coloring my hair.

If you aren't familiar with my obsession with awesome hair colors, get with the program! JK. But I do love really cool hair. Back in January, I dyed a strip of my hair purple, and in June I ventured to dye my whole head. Well, by the end of August most of the color had faded out, so the day before school started (oh yeah--I'm a junior now. Whoopdeedoo.) my mom and I laid out a piece of plastic on the lawn, I lay down with my hair splayed, and she snapped on dish gloves and grabbed a bottle of hair dye.

This time I decided to try something new: dying the bottom layer of the back of my head blue, and the rest purple. I bought a set of blue dye claiming to give you an ombre effect, but it all kinda turned out the same color.

Here is how I dye my hair: First, I put on an oversize t-shirt that I'm willing to stain. Then I take some Aquaphor and smear it along my hairline and the tips of my ears, so if dye accidentally touches my skin I can wipe it away (if it does get on my skin, I'm stained for at least a week). I go outside and lay down a sheet of plastic or some kind of tarp (this is new--before we did it in the upstairs sink, which was a really pain on my neck) which I can lie on to keep the dye from getting on any unwanted surfaces. Finally, I put aside a crummy towel to wrap my head in after I've washed the dye out. The crumminess of the towel is important, because it will definitely get splotched with dye.

Then I lay down, and my mom puts on her gloves and gets to work. Her patented system is called Squirt and Smear. It involves squirting the dye onto my hair and then smearing it around and hoping every hair will be covered, and it definitely leaves the dye slightly inconsistent, but we haven't figured out a better way.

If you're wondering, no, I don't bleach my hair. I'm one of the lucky, blond-haired souls who doesn't have to use bleach and can still have the color show up. Obviously it's not as vibrant as it would be applied to bleached hair, but I still like the way it turns out, and bleach is horrible for your hair.

After wrapping my hair in tinfoil and letting it sit for an hour, I lay down in the driveway and my mom uses the hose to wash most of the dye out of my locks. Then I get in the shower and scrub out the majority of the loose dye, watching as purple and blue stream down my body. For the next couple showers the water will run purple as the dye continues to loosen.

Then I step out of the shower, dress in my pajamas, lay down a towel over my pillow so as not to stain it, and hit the hay. When I wake up in the morning my hair will be dry and newly colored.

Because my hair has natural highlights, it takes the color differently in different places, meaning some of my hair will be deep purple and some more pinkish, and some barely dyed at all (where the Squirt and Smear technique failed me). I actually kind of like this effect, but I think I'm going to work out a system where the color is more evenly distributed.

The blue underneath came out kind of greenish--more of a teal than a sea blue. As my mom rightfully pointed out, "yellow plus blue makes green". Still, I love having dyed hair. I feel like a mermaid princess. If you're thinking about dying your hair but are feeling a little nervous, I promise you'll love it! And remember, dye fades and hair grows back.

If you're planning on dying your hair, let me know! Everyone deserves awesome hair.
L8r sk8r,


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!! THIS IS SO COOL! I love it and it looks totally awesome on you Ellla!!! EEEP

  2. You look like a rock star and I love your blog! Have you ever heard of the youtuber Jessie Paege because you two could definitely start a mermaid hair club \m/

    1. Thank you so much! I've never heard of that YouTuber...but I'll look them up!

  3. Your hair looks cute and I love it! I wish I could dye my hair that bright too but it's not allowed in our school :(

    1. Thank you so much! Sorry hair dye isn't allowed for you. It always bugs me to hear schools restricting students on how they do their hair.


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