Monday, September 26, 2016

Teen Lingo as Explained by an Actual Teen™

texting teen lingo

Hi. It's me, Ella, a 16-year-old and Certified Teenager™.

You may have heard about teens these days participating in "texting," "group chats," "g-chats", and other internet-or-cellular-based communication. And even more confusingly, they communicate using  cryptic acronyms and internet lingo!

How many times have you peeked over the shoulder of a texting teen and witnessed them type a befuddling phrase that you just couldn't decode? Well, worry no more. I'm here to share with you my patented Teen Lingo Decoder™, which comes equipped with a complete list of youth slang, so that next time you secretly search your teen's online conversations, you won't find yourself "IDK"-ing at your teen's IKRs and LOLs.

☞ ☞ ☞

Sorry, not sorry, y'all, I just really felt like trolling you today. ;)

This post was inspired by an Instagram post I saw, "explaining" a list of acronyms and slang that teens apparently use on the daily. Except they were all completely ridiculous and I had never used one in my life.

So I dug through my bookshelf and found some "girl guides" my mom gave me when I was a middle schooler, and sure enough there was a page on "Lingo for Online Chats." And, as I suspected, most of the "lingo" was pretty laughable, or just outdated. 

For example, have you ever typed DTRT? Or even know what it means? Neither did I, until this book informed me that it's short for, Do The Right Thing. This strikes me as funny because, a) the fact that it's an acronym implies that it's so commonly used that it's gotten to the point where it's easier just to shorten it, and b) the phrase is so much less motivational as an acronym. Imagine if you texted your friend, "I'm afraid to tell someone that Amanda is being bullied. What should I do?", and they just texted back, "DTRT." Like, excuse me, I need a little more advice than that, friend. Also, I'm obviously hurting here and you don't even have the decency to write out the whole phrase?

Okay, here's another for you to guess: G2GP. I'll give you three seconds to mull it over. 3...2..1.... And the answer is: Gotta Go Pee! Yup. For that moment when you're chatting with your friend and are suddenly struck with the sudden urge to tinkle. But your friend is waiting expectantly for a response! You can't leave her hanging. There's no time to type out a full three words--your bladder can't wait that long! Frantically, your fingers fly across the keyboard. Click, clack, clank, cluck. SEND. A message pops up on your friend's computer, all the way across town. By the time she's read those four fateful numerals, you're already relieving yourself in the water closet. 

I'll leave you with one last apparently common piece of lingo: BTDT. Baked That Danish Today? Nope. Bought Ten Dried Tangerines? Guess again. The correct answer is: Been There Done That. I am almost positive that I have never even said that phrase out loud, much less typed it in abbreviated form. How many text conversations does this apply to? Friend: Ugh, I just ate like ten funnel cakes at the fair and threw up behind the House of Mirrors. Me: BTDT. Yikes.

And now for the final challenge: Can I use all three of these ridiculous terms in one sentence? 

Okay, gimme a minute.... I think I've got one. Ahem. 

You know that moment when you're in the community pool and you've G2GP but you're wearing a one piece and the bathroom is just so far away, and even though you know you should DTRT, you're just like, eh, BTDT, when you G2G you G2G, amiright? 

I even slipped an extra piece of snazzy text lingo in there. You're welcome. 

L8r sk8r,

PS. Is it ironic that my sign-off signature is dorkily abbreviated, or is that the incorrect use of irony?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Favorite Clothing and Accessories

Hello, hola, bonjour and ahoj!

Now that you've gotten your language lesson for the day, I'm going to switch gears to tell you about my favorite items of clothes, and the accessories that are near and dear to my heart. That's right, folks, it's another fashion post. Cause I love me some style.

mom jeans fashion pacsun denim
get them here
First off, I'm low key obsessed with mom jeans. This style of jean is gaining popularity right now, and it's something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime: high waisted, slightly baggy, hip-plumping jeans are all the rage. And honestly, I'm into it.

Obviously, before I went out and bought a pair, I sought out my very own mother in hopes she would have an authentic pair of mom jeans she was willing to hand over. Unfortunately, they weren't my size, which meant it was off to the mall to try and find an affordable pair of jeans.

As usual, Pacsun delivered. Gotta love that place. I picked up a pair of light/mid wash, true denim, cropped jeans, and I am obsessed. All I have to do is tuck a baggy graphic tee into them, pop on my signature yellow Converse, and I'm ready to go. A++.

converse yellow rubber shoes
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Speaking of signature yellow Converse, they made this list, too. They're probably my favorite pair of shoes...ever. When I first bought them, I thought their bright yellow hue would clash with every outfit, but I have yet to find one outfit that they don't pair with (okay, maybe one, but Miracle Shoes don't exist). They're just so my style that I can't put together an outfit that doesn't include them. These shoes are living proof that fashion risks can pay off, big time.

succulent terrarium necklace
get it here

Wait a second, is that a...? YEAH, IT IS. This is a real, live succulent living in a tiny necklace pendant. My best friend got it for me for my birthday, and it's the coolest. It combines two things I love: unique necklaces and succulents. The latin name for this lil' sprout is Cremnosedum, but it's common name is Little Gemstone. Aided by the light and a little water once a month or so, it grows in this tiny terrarium. When it gets to be too big you pop it out and plant it in a pot. I am constantly amazed that I have a living organism around my neck. I would 100% recommend buying this for the plant lover in your life (hint: it might be yourself!). It's actually very cheap and you get what you pay for, plus there are multiple succulents to choose from.

denim bullhead pacsun jean jacket
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Moving on to my jean jacket. Once again, I purchased this spiffy number from Pacsun, although the brand is Bullhead Denim. It's light wash, and slightly distressed, giving it that edgy vibe that I crave. I've made it my own by adorning it with tons of pins and buttons, which also happen to be some of my favorite accessories. Pins can say so much about a person, and add such an awesome, personalized flair to basically everything. This jacket is great for when I want to spice up an outfit that's lacking.

sunglasses earthbound round
get it here

Sunglasses are a staple of summer, which is why you have to make sure that you love the ones you have. Fortunately, I can say with certainty that I love these frames! I was surprised to find that the round lenses actually work well for me (and occasionally make me resemble John Lennon). My favorite part of these glasses, though, are the little, gold birds in the corners of the frames. It's an unorthodox addition to an otherwise basic round lens, and by now I think you know that I have a taste for the unorthodox.
graphic tees
find something similar here

In the last few months, I've come to love baggy graphic tees. I love slipping on a soft, comfy shirt and tucking it into a pair of jeans or shorts. I get my tees everywhere--my mom's closet, thrift shops, various events. Sometimes I'll cut them at the sleeves or the neckline, but recently I've come to terms with their un-touched form. The tucked-in-graphic-tee is one of my favorite looks right now, just because it's so chill, comfy, and I feel so true to myself and my style while wearing it.
necklaces chokers
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Say hello to choker neckalces! I don't want to sound like a broken record and tell you, "The nineties are back!" or whatever, so I'll just say that chokers seem to be blowing up right now. And for good reason! They pair perfectly with almost any neckline, and I love how snug they are against my throat. Plus, they are the most DIY-able necklace. I make mine out of ribbons, old anklets, bits of chain I have lying around, etc. ( I smell a DIY choker post coming soon?)

So there you have it! Some of my favorite clothing and accessories. I'm sure my tastes will continue to change with age, but for now these are the fashion staples that I hold near and dear to my heart.

If you have a favorite item in your own closet, or you too love any of the pieces I've written about here, tell me down below! I love making fashion friends.

L8r sk8r,

Sunday, September 18, 2016

School Thus Far

Welcome one and all. Today I want to do a kind of "school review," where I go through my classes for the year and tell you what I think so far (and probably complain. Cause school.)

First off, I'm a junior in high school. Junior year, as most people will tell you, is supposedly the most stressful year of one's high school experience. It's packed with standardized testing that can determine your future, it's the year you're supposed to start thinking about colleges, and it's also the year that colleges and universities focus on when reviewing your application (so I've heard). That means that junior year you have to step it up. It also means it's a Stress Extravaganza.

Without further ado, here are my classes for the year.

 Drivers Ed. I only got my permit in April, so I wasn't selected for summer Drivers Ed, and my class schedule was already full, meaning I couldn't take it during the semester. That left one option: coming to school at 7am every day for a 45 minute class. Yeah. It kind of sucks, but it only lasts a semester and doesn't count towards your GPA, so I'm dealing.

Honors Pre Calculus. Despite passionately disliking mathematics, I'm still somehow in advanced math. So far I'm just sucking it up and rolling with the class, and even though I don't enjoy it, it's better than Honors Algebra II last year, which was just a nightmare. Algebra is my least favorite branch of math.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design. I'm so thankful our school provides plenty of art classes for students, because without art in my school day I think I'd enjoy school a whole lot less. Graphic Design is interesting so far, although all we've really done is learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. I think I'm going to have fun and learn some good skills.

Honors Physics. I'm not very into science, and physics hasn't managed to ignite any passionate spark in me. For homework we always seem to be assigned word problems out of our textbook, which basically just means I'm doing extra math every night. So I'm a little bitter about that.

Concert Chorus. Don't be fooled. The "Concert" in the name isn't special. It's actually ninth grade chorus. Our school has two chorus levels: "Concert" for all the freshpeople, and "Senior" for all upper grades. Unfortunately, Senior Chorus didn't fit into my schedule, which means I'm stuck singing with the freshies. It's not really a problem, except they're all afraid to sing out, which means my voice alone makes up half the volume of the alto section.

Metals in Art. Metalworking is by far my favorite class. It's a relaxed environment with a great teacher, and I take it alongside my friend, so we get to talk all class while we work on various projects. Currently, we're making rings, which is really interesting and great fun. It's a low pressure class where I get to do what I love: make art. 10/10, would recommend.

Spanish 4/5. Due to budget cuts in the district, Spanish 4 and 5 have been combined into one class. Fortunately, I'm part of the "4" group, so I don't feel like I'm re-learning the material, but I feel bad for the seniors who are in a class with a bunch of kids below their level. Language comes relatively easy to me, so I'm able to doodle in my sketch book most of the class and not fall behind, which is all right. I also have it with two of my friends.

AP US History. My only AP class this year. Over the summer I had to read six chapters of the textbook and fill out this huge packet, and that's a pretty good description of the class itself. Even though the teacher is great, our only purpose is to drill the material so we can ace the AP exam. Every day we take out our note packet and follow along while the teacher lectures. And every week, starting soon, we have to read a chapter and fill out a packet. No creativity, no room for error. The only thing I like about it is that it's a structured routine that I know I can depend on, and I know that this method works and will help me do well on the exam.

Poetry. For my English elective, I wanted to take creative writing. Unfortunately, it was full, so I'm taking poetry instead. I'm not too disappointed, because I enjoy writing poetry and am eager to learn new techniques. So far the class hasn't been very revealing, and we've mostly just read and analyzed poems, but I have it with my friend and it's pretty relaxed, so I feel good about it.

Madrigal Choir. Even though this is an extracurricular, it counts as half an arts credit, which is why I'm including it here. Last year, I joined Madrigals when our new chorus teacher revamped it, and I'm in it again this year. Basically, it's a select choir that sings and performs at festivals and concerts throughout the year.

All in all, school is okay. After two years of being in high school, the thrill has worn off. I'm not giddy at the size of the campus anymore (can you say STAIRS?). It doesn't feel like a luxury to eat on the lawn, especially when all the grass is dead and it's infested with biting ants (seriously. They will chomp down on you). And this year they're supposedly implementing a new policy that requires students and faculty to wear their IDs on lanyards at all times, so that should be double the fun.

How is school for you? Ups and downs? Classes you love/hate? Feel free to rant in the comments.

L8r sk8r,

Friday, September 2, 2016

I Dyed My Hair!

Helloooo, blogisphere! It's me, Ella, back at it again to tell you about my recent experience with coloring my hair.

If you aren't familiar with my obsession with awesome hair colors, get with the program! JK. But I do love really cool hair. Back in January, I dyed a strip of my hair purple, and in June I ventured to dye my whole head. Well, by the end of August most of the color had faded out, so the day before school started (oh yeah--I'm a junior now. Whoopdeedoo.) my mom and I laid out a piece of plastic on the lawn, I lay down with my hair splayed, and she snapped on dish gloves and grabbed a bottle of hair dye.

This time I decided to try something new: dying the bottom layer of the back of my head blue, and the rest purple. I bought a set of blue dye claiming to give you an ombre effect, but it all kinda turned out the same color.

Here is how I dye my hair: First, I put on an oversize t-shirt that I'm willing to stain. Then I take some Aquaphor and smear it along my hairline and the tips of my ears, so if dye accidentally touches my skin I can wipe it away (if it does get on my skin, I'm stained for at least a week). I go outside and lay down a sheet of plastic or some kind of tarp (this is new--before we did it in the upstairs sink, which was a really pain on my neck) which I can lie on to keep the dye from getting on any unwanted surfaces. Finally, I put aside a crummy towel to wrap my head in after I've washed the dye out. The crumminess of the towel is important, because it will definitely get splotched with dye.

Then I lay down, and my mom puts on her gloves and gets to work. Her patented system is called Squirt and Smear. It involves squirting the dye onto my hair and then smearing it around and hoping every hair will be covered, and it definitely leaves the dye slightly inconsistent, but we haven't figured out a better way.

If you're wondering, no, I don't bleach my hair. I'm one of the lucky, blond-haired souls who doesn't have to use bleach and can still have the color show up. Obviously it's not as vibrant as it would be applied to bleached hair, but I still like the way it turns out, and bleach is horrible for your hair.

After wrapping my hair in tinfoil and letting it sit for an hour, I lay down in the driveway and my mom uses the hose to wash most of the dye out of my locks. Then I get in the shower and scrub out the majority of the loose dye, watching as purple and blue stream down my body. For the next couple showers the water will run purple as the dye continues to loosen.

Then I step out of the shower, dress in my pajamas, lay down a towel over my pillow so as not to stain it, and hit the hay. When I wake up in the morning my hair will be dry and newly colored.

Because my hair has natural highlights, it takes the color differently in different places, meaning some of my hair will be deep purple and some more pinkish, and some barely dyed at all (where the Squirt and Smear technique failed me). I actually kind of like this effect, but I think I'm going to work out a system where the color is more evenly distributed.

The blue underneath came out kind of greenish--more of a teal than a sea blue. As my mom rightfully pointed out, "yellow plus blue makes green". Still, I love having dyed hair. I feel like a mermaid princess. If you're thinking about dying your hair but are feeling a little nervous, I promise you'll love it! And remember, dye fades and hair grows back.

If you're planning on dying your hair, let me know! Everyone deserves awesome hair.
L8r sk8r,