Monday, August 29, 2016

Mean Sixteen \\ Birthday Fun

Six awesome ladies I am so happy to have in my life.
On August 25th, I celebrated my Mean Sixteen. Yes, I'm aware the common saying is "Sweet Sixteen," but "Mean Sixteen" is kind of an inside joke with my friends. Actually I mostly just say it and they roll their eyes and tell me to use the correct term. I just like it cause it rhymes.

Anyway, while my birthday was on Thursday, I celebrated with my six of my friends on Saturday and Sunday. I always have a slumber party on my birthday--it's my favorite kind of party. I love staying up late into the night, giggling and talking with my friends amidst a nest of sleeping bags and pillows.

Henna-ing Olivia's belly button
The main activity was a scavenger hunt my dad set up, where we followed a series of clues all around town, stopping along the way for soda at a local restaurant and to look around various thrift shops. Back at the house, we ordered pizza and gave each other henna tattoos. I drew designs around a few of my friends' bellybuttons (and my own), and one of my friends with a steady hand drew super cool carrots and radishes on people's arms and legs.

As it grew darker, we broke out sparklers and choreographed a dance to "Catch and Release", then tried our hand at taking long exposure photos. We ended up taking a really great one that spelled out "Ella 16". Honestly I'm just shocked we were able to be that coordinated.

I got some really wonderful and thoughtful gifts, and then it was time for cake! It's a tradition that I order a Ben & Jerry's ice cream cake on my birthday. I love their ice cream, and the frosting on their cake is delicious. This year I asked for a very specific thing on my cake: succulents. If you don't know me, I love succulents and cacti and I had seen a really cool photo of a cupcake frosted with buttercream succulents, which seriously inspired me. The B&J staff tentatively said they would do it, but I was worried they wouldn't be able to handle such a specific request.

Hands down the best birthday cake I've ever had.
I was wrong. When we went to pick up the cake, I was awestruck at what a great job they had done. They created a beautiful succulent garden, filled with all different kinds of plump succulents, which flowed down the side of the cake. It tasted great, and it looked even better.

After enjoying the cake (Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Phish Food, in case you were wondering), we set up camp in the living room, changed into our PJs, and then gave each other sparkle tattoos. I put a cute feather on my wrist and a silver strip down my spine.

As we snuggled down into our sleeping bags and began to gossip and swap stories, I couldn't help but be filled with joy at being surrounded by my friends, able to make and share memories and have intimate conversations. This time last year I only had a few close friends, many of them having been lost in the chaos and strain of freshman year. Over the past year I have formed bonds and spun a web of people I can rely on and be open with. Friendship is extremely valuable to me, and I'm just thankful to have so many people I can share it with.

As the night drew on, we lost people to the temptation of sleep, until it was just me and two others, talking about school and life and feminism. Finally, about 3:30am, our words began slurring and we drifted off. I fell asleep warm and happy.

L8r sk8r,


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING!!!! Ella you are 16! What I swear you were older. Embrace 16! It'll be a great year for you, I have got a good feeling.

  2. Happy birthday!! I quite like the saying Mean Sixteen, it sounds a lot better.

    That cake looks so good and it sounds like you had an amazing day/night!


    1. Yes, I just love how it rhymes!

      The cake was amazing and I had a wonderful time.

  3. Happy birthday, Ella! Funny, my birthday is exactly a month from yours! And oh my goodness, scavenger hunting was one of my main things that I had an idea for my sixteenth birthday, but that entails a lot of driving... >.< Ben and Jerry's ice cream is SO GOOD, oh my goodness. The sparkler photo in the end looks amazing!

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. I never got to comment on your intersectional feminism post, but I saw it when you published and I just wanted to say thank you for writing that post, because it helped clear things up, and helped me gain a better understanding on the subject, which I've heard lots about but never fully understood until your post. ^.^

    1. Thanks so much! Happy early birthday to you.

      I'm glad my intersectionality post was enlightening for you. I'm always trying to be a better feminist, and I want to help others achieve that as well.


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