Tuesday, July 26, 2016

OTD: Clear Plastic Bomber Jacket

Clear Plastic Bomber Jacket from Topshop
um, yes, this is almost the same photo as on my sidebar. nbd.

It's time to try something new! Presenting my...dun da da dum...Outfit of the Day!

I actually wore this last Saturday, but I'm just assuming that it's normal for an OTD to not be posted on the day it was worn. So forward we march.

All Star hightops converse boyfriend jeans
This outfit fashionable yet very wearable. Hollister boyfriend jeans pair with All Star high tops and a black tee shirt for a casual and comfortable look. The focal point of the outfit, of course, is the clear plastic bomber jacket from Topshop. When I saw this online, I knew immediately I needed it. I love a good bomber jacket, (or any jacket in general, really) and the clear design is so unique. 

outfit of the day hollister jeans topshop jacketAlthough it's made from polyurethane, the material is surprisingly soft and much thicker than I expected. It keeps out the wind and rain, keeps you warm, and still lets people see your bomb shirt underneath. If you're looking for a comfortable and stylish statement piece, this jacket is the one. It's a little expensive for my taste, but there's free shipping, and I couldn't find any other decent clear jacket on the web. (Also, if you're wondering why I was fervently shopping for a clear jacket, it's because I saw this EXACT jacket in this Buzzfeed video).

L8r Sk8r,

PS. Would you wear a clear jacket?

PPS. I started this blog two years ago this month. Can't believe I'm still blogging. Time really does fly.


  1. OH! I love this jacket. and your hair is super cute! I have a semi see through jacket and I haven't figured it out since its yellow. I would totally wear that jacket. Two years!!! Thats awesome! Congratulations. Aren't you proud to say you stuck with it?

    1. Oh boy! Yellow is a color I usually stray away from...maybe try pairing it with a blue or purple top.

      And yes, I can't believe I'm still blogging! Although it's less frequent than I'd like, I'm glad I'm still chugging along.

  2. I've never seen a clear bomber jacket before. It is so cool! Your hair is also an awesome colour - its actually similar to what I've been trying to do with mine.
    I will be sure to read your future posts and check out your YouTube channel.


    1. I used Splat hair dye, if you're looking to replicate the color. At this point it's actually faded quite a bit--it started as a mid-toned purple. I'd actually recommend trying to find something longer-lasting, if you're really interested in dying your hair.

  3. I love that jacket. Would I be able to wear it like all day or do you think it would get sweaty?

    1. I've only ever worn it for a few hours at a time, but I would say it's all right as long as you're not in direct sunlight and it's not too hot. It can get a little stuffy, considering it's not exactly breathable, but in general I think you'd be okay.


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