Sunday, April 24, 2016

What to Do With Old Jeans

Jeans are a must-have for every wardrobe. I love a good pair of jeans--whether they're true denim, jeggings, high-or-low cut, distressed; you name it. But we've all had the heartbreaking experience of pulling on our favorite pair of jeans only to find they've become too short. It's a universal tragedy.

Fortunately, I'm here to help! Just because your pants are resting a few inches above your ankles doesn't mean they're a lost cause. There are plenty of ways to revamp them.

1. Make an awesome pair of shorts. Summer is just around the corner, which means it's officially shorts season. It's the perfect time to naturally cycle your fav jeans into your fav shorts. I'd suggest putting on the jeans and marking in chalk how long you want your new shorts to be. Then just slip 'em off and use a sharp pair of scissors to snippity snip. Cuff your new garment to hide the frayed line (if you want--if you like the frayed look then leave them be) and head off to the beach. (As a note, this shorts trick works best with real denim--not jeggings. It's also better to use a pair of jeans that's slightly looser around the thighs.)

2. Cuff them! Not ready to sacrifice your jeans for shorts? A simple cuff at the ankles will do the trick. Cropped jeans are in style, and if you cuff your jeans a few inches above the ankle it will look like they're deliberately short. It's an old trick, but it works.

3. Hide the gap with some stylish leg warmers. Leg warmers are back! A pair of cabled leg warmers around your calves is a great accessory to any outfit, and conveniently hides the gap between your jeans and your shoes. Leg warmers in neutrals and dark reds aren't too hard to find--you could even knit a pair yourself!

4. Distress them! If your jeans are starting to look a little worn, it's no problem. Just cuff them, then grab some heavy-grit sandpaper and a pair of scissors. Destroyed and distressed jeans are in, and you can DIY them. For a frayed, faded look, use the sandpaper to rub against the stitching of the fabric. If you want to go big, use the scissors. It's up to you.

5. Wear them with high boots. It's easy to find boots that surpass the ankle these days. From combat boots to knee-high leather, the world is your oyster. Wear those too-short jeans boot shopping and find a pair that hides the gap, or use a pair you already have. Plus, boots are just flat-out fashionable.

6. If all else fails, sell them. If you decide it's time for the jeans to go, find a thrift shop that will buy them from you. Don't expect to get a lot of money, but you could make a couple bucks. If no one will pay you for them, make a donation. It's better than leaving them to take up space in your drawer, and some lucky person will get your stylish old jeans.

Jeans don't have to be a lost cause--they can grow with you. Now get out there and rock that revamped denim.

Later skater,