Sunday, March 6, 2016

Itching for Summer

Bumpy ice skating and too-small skates--thanks, winter
This winter has been disastrous. In a state where we usually get a ton of snow, I'd say I've seen less than six inches total this winter. Currently, my backyard is a wasteland of mud and dead, yellowed grass, with a few spots of lingering ice. Temperatures have been fluctuating dramatically, from freezing cold to moderate to this week, when it's supposed to be in the forties and fifties.

Needless to say, I'm over winter. Pick up your things and leave, if you even came in the first place. All I want is heat and warmth and shorts and no more hats. Seriously. They don't do my hair any favors.

I'm really looking forward to summer, mainly because of swimming and short sleeves and no school (duh), but it's also worrying me a little, just because I have ABSOLUTELY NO PLANS WHATSOEVER. Last summer I had a full schedule, but this year I honestly don't know what the heck I'm going to do. Which is stressing me out, because there is nothing worse than a boring summer. To be honest, sometimes I'd rather be in school at least seeing my friends and doing activities than being alone at home for a month doing absolutely nothing.

One thing I am excited about is the end of the school year. After finals, the last ten days of classes aren't classes at all, but shortened days with two fun courses that range from jewelry making to songwriting to just exploring around town. It's also a time when teachers take students on trips to places like Greece and Spain. While I'm not going anywhere that extravagant, I am signed up to fly out to Utah to go hiking and volunteer at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for a week.

When I saw the flyers for this go up in ninth grade, I knew immediately I wanted to sign up. However, it's only open to sophomores and up, so now that I'm a tenth grader I'm eligible to go. I'll be going along with a few of my other friends, plus other girls from our grade. And I am SOOOO EXCITEDDDDD.

I've been getting serious wanderlust lately. It's a combination of thinking about where I'm going to go to college and just missing traveling, mixed in with frustration at the pitiful winter. At least I know in three months I'll be out in the Utah sunshine, cuddling with puppies and kittens. That offers some comfort.

L8r Sk8r,


  1. Here in Southern California, where its already beginning to be in the 90's, I would kill for a freezing winter.
    I hope you have a lovely summer. <3

  2. That picture is so pretty and aesthetic with the patterned snow and the color of your jeans.
    Sweet post!


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