Sunday, March 13, 2016

Getting Away

When I was younger, I was in love with the place I live. I thought I'd never want to leave--my city, the lake, the mountains; they all seemed like the best things in the world to me. But now that I'm older, like so many teenagers, I'm itching to leave the place where I grew up.

I live in the biggest city in my state--which isn't saying much, considering we still have less than 50,000 people. There's a thriving music and arts scene, a beautiful lakefront, a backdrop of rolling mountains, and four unique seasons. But it's not quite enough.

One of the RA's at the arts camp I went to last summer explained perfectly what I'm feeling. Coming from a smaller town in this state, my city seemed like this huge, thriving hub, full of endless possibilities. She happily went to college there, because compared to her sleepy little town, she felt like she was in a big, exciting place. It was enough for her.

But I already live in that big exciting place, and now I need somewhere even bigger and more exciting. After visiting LA again over Thanksgiving break, I feel like that's exactly the place I want to be. It's big. It's warm. It's new. And the tacos are SO GOOD. Honestly, after coming home all I wanted was a good fish taco, and all I had was our local Bueno y Sano. Let me tell ya, folks. Bueno y Sano does not hold a candle to a cheap LA taco truck.

As an east coast girl, the west coast is about as far away from my home as I could get. It's also the place I want to go the most. When I pick a college, you'd best believe I'll be looking to California as my first choice.

Recently I was thinking about writing a story about a girl who moves to Kanab, Utah for the summer. As I was looking up information and photos about Kanab to help me visualize her new home, I started to feel intense yearning for the deserts of Utah. Remembering one street towns in the middle of nowhere, and dusty roadsides with a backdrop of rusty buttes and mesas, all I wanted was to be there again. The only thing that provided relief from this wanderlust was remembering that this summer I'll be heading out there with my school.

I guess all I want is to get out and explore. For now, I'd be happy if summer just came around faster.

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  1. TOTALLY RELATABLE, thanks for sharing.

    I can't believe i haven't followed before- your blog is so cute!

  2. I would love to travel. London, Athens, China, name it and I want to go there. New York has also held a certain attraction to me also..mostly because a friend of mine saw Phantom of the Opera over there and told me all about it. God, I just want to see the world, you know?


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