Monday, January 18, 2016

My Opinion on Makeup

my makeup bag
Hello there, lovely beings of the blogosphere. Today I'm here to talk to you about a topic that's recently resurfaced in my life: makeup.

There are girls I know who've been wearing makeup since sixth grade. Although I do vividly remember oggling over one girl's rainbow-colored false eyelashes, the idea of wearing makeup myself never occurred to me, probably because none of my close friends wore it, and I saw it as something only popular people indulged in.

Over the years my view on makeup has changed. I bought my first makeup palette the day before my thirteenth birthday, from Claire's in the mall. It had four outlandish eyeshadow shades and three pink lip glosses, and the packaging was clear and sparkly. Typical Claire's. If I'm being perfectly honest, I still have it--it hasn't been used in two years, but I'm just really bad at throwing stuff away, okay?

In eighth grade I began my makeup journey. For the first few months of that year, my everyday makeup routine involved lining my bottom waterline with black eyeliner and smearing my lips with brightly-colored glosses. The waterliner would wash away within the first hour of school, and I'm sure the gloss just ended up on my teeth, but I respect that I was learning. By January, however, the novelty had worn off and I had pretty much given up on makeup.

Ninth grade was a low-makeup year for me. I didn't do much other than use a little concealer every now and then to cover up acne. I still enjoyed trying out dramatic eye looks in my mirror at home, but I never wore them outside the house. It wasn't that I was afraid to wear makeup. I just didn't want to.

Recently, I've rediscovered makeup. I've taken to using eyeliner and mascara more or less every day, or just mascara if I don't feel like taking the time to even out my wings. I've been experimenting with different shades of eyeliner--gold and silver liner is a fun alternative to black or brown. Sometimes I dab a white eyeshadow with a little sparkle to my brow bone as a highlighter.

I rarely wear anything on my lips--due to chronically dry and peely lips, I really can't wear any gloss or lipstick. Which sucks, because I LOVE a good dark lip. Deep purples and reds are basically what I live for. Gotta get that vampy vibe going.

This may seem like me musing aimlessly about my makeup journey. And it kinda is. But for all of you out there who wear makeup, are thinking about wearing makeup, or just like trying out looks in the mirror, I've compiled a few makeup lessons I've learned. Keep in mind I'm not an expert--but you don't have to be to wear makeup! It's about the journey, people.

1. Don't feel pressure to wear or not wear makeup. No matter what your friends and peers are doing, it's ultimately your decision as to whether or not you wear makeup (and maybe your parents', if they've got an opinion). You can wear makeup sometimes. You can wear it all the time. You can wear it never. You can wear a full face of it or just a little. You can wear it for a while and then stop. As long as you feel confident in yourself, that's all that matters.

2. Makeup is about the journey. If/when you start wearing it, chances are you won't be a professional. Scratch that, you definitely won't be a professional. But that's okay! You're learning! Like anything, makeup takes practice to get good at. It's like doing art--on your face. Art in general is super hard, and when you are the living, breathing, 3D canvas, that only makes it harder. Don't let the quality of your makeup skills keep you from rocking that look. You do you.

3. Invest in a few good products. I hate spending more than three dollars on makeup, which is why I buy the cheapest possible stuff at the drugstore. Unfortunately, the cheapest possible stuff is usually the worst, which is why I end up buying another cheap brand, and yet another when I find that one doesn't work, either. By then I've spent more on crappy makeup than I would have if I'd just gone right ahead and invested in a decent, moderately-priced selection. Here's what I would recommend: if you're into eyeliner and mascara, don't buy them from the cheapest section of the pharmacy. Hate to call out brands, but eyeliners from e.l.f, Wet & Wild, and NYC will run all over your face, especially if you have teary eyes or oily skin. Mascara and eyeliner are the two products I'd recommend spending a few more bucks on.

4. Don't worry about what people will think of your makeup. Wear makeup to make yourself feel special. Wear it to feel beautiful, wear it to feel confident, wear it to feel like a boss, wear it to feel like a rockstar, wear it to feel like a fairy princess--wear it to slay life. Don't let people tell you that you "shouldn't cover up your natural beauty." Makeup is just another stylistic decision, like the clothes you wear or the way you do your hair. It's nobody else's business how you choose to present yourself to the world. We all gain happiness from different things. If makeup makes you happy, then I say go out there and wear it with pride.

I'm not here to tell you how or why or when to wear makeup. I think makeup is awesome, and that we should respect people who choose to wear it and those who choose not to. If you're just discovering makeup, cool! If you have no interest in it, also cool! If you're a makeup pro, super cool! If you're not sure where you stand on makeup, that's cool, too. Makeup is just a small part of a very big life.

Later skater,

PS. If you're interested in hearing about my makeup routine more in-depth, or you want an overview of the products I use, lemme know. :)


  1. This is a fantastic post! I do not wear makeup, though sometimes I would like a little concealer to cover up acne. I think that it's definitely important for someone to choose whether or not they wear makeup. It should always be their own decision, not anyone else's. You're spreading a great message with this post!

    1. Thank you so much! I know there are so many people who have really strong opinions about how other people use/don't use makeup, and I just wanted to help spread the message that either way, it's okay.

  2. I personally do not wear makeup but I think it's a great way for people to express themselves and it can make someone feel better about themselves so yay! Lovely post <3


    1. Exactly! Thanks for understanding.

  3. tbh, i really don't wear make up. personally i'm too busy and WAY to tired in the morning.

    i do love seeing my friends wear their's because it looks amazing.

    although i do have to for dance.

    lovely post


    1. Haha, yeah, sometimes it can be a time crunch before school.

  4. Great post! I wear makeup on a daily basis, but its mostly just because I enjoy putting it on! I think it is important to feel comfortable in your own skin, and makeup is a great way for people to do that!

    Paige xo // The Joys of Being Paige

    1. Very true! Makeup is fun to apply, isn't it?


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