Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sweet, Sweet Summer

Summer is slipping by. My summer is already half over, and depending on where you live, yours might be, too. So let me ask you this: how has your summer been so far?

There are three answers to this question: GOOD, OKAY, or BAD

If your summer's been going good, then hurrah! You've done at least half of the things on your bucket list. You've tried something new. You've had at least one meaningful experience. You are on track to make this the Best Summer Ever. I commend you. You are having the summer we all aspire to have. Keep doing what you're doing.

If your summer's been just okay, that's not so bad. You've had some good moments. Some boring/bad ones. Your summer hasn't been packed with thrills, but it hasn't been entirely dreary. Still, you could afford to spice it up a little. Take a risk! Do something uber-fun with your friends! Don't wait for excitement to come to you; seek it out! With a little work, you can turn this into a good summer.

Ah, you're the one whose been having the bad summer. Maybe it's rained every day. Maybe your super-awesome vacation got cancelled. Maybe your parents are making you stay in a hut in the woods, with no WiFi, electricity, or indoor bathroom. Or maybe you just haven't had an interesting summer; it happens. Fortunately, you can fix this. All you need is a little dedication, and a willingness to have fun and try new things. Stick your head out of your shell. Go actively search for opportunities. Try to really fill up your time. Hang out with friends, volunteer at events, go on bike rides, go shopping, take a long walk. If you're having a bad summer, chances are it means you're just really bored. Get off the couch and do something. I promise it will help.

Keep rockin' the summer vibes. For now, later skater.



  1. I think my summers been okay. After evaluating everything, work and fun, I think it's been okay. Hoping to make the reason of summer really good though! Have a good one!!!

  2. My summer's been GREAT. (Thinking outside of the box :P) Full of vacations, beaches, reading, friends, and camps. Although, I'm kind of excited to go back to school, 7th grade looks fun.


  3. I love succulents!


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