Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Goodbye, Ninth Grade

Well, it's official. I'm no longer a freshman.

Today was my last day of school. When it finished, I had a hamburger at the all-school barbecue, and then went to get ice cream with Marika. And that was it. My freshman year was over.

Exactly one year ago today I was graduating eighth grade, moving on to greater things and bigger schools. And now 25% of my high school career has evaporated in what feels like a moment. I don't feel like summer has truly come. I feel like tomorrow I should be waking up and biking off to school. It's not summer yet. It can't be.

Alas, times flies by, and while nine months feels like nine days, I'm doing my best to accept that school is over and I am that much closer to graduating, going off to college, then losing all my support systems and being thrust into--gasp--the real world. That's a pretty terrifying thought, honestly. And I feel like it's all happening so fast. I just want to tell the world to slow down a little, to let me grow up, to give me some more time.

Ah, well. I know this summer is going to be a good one. So I'm just going to take a deep breath, calm down, and take it one day at a time.

Later skater,