Sunday, May 17, 2015

How to Have the Best Summer Ever

If you're anything like me, the moment April 1st comes around, you're itching for summer. The end of the school year seems just around the corner--all you have to do is slog through three projects, hop stepping stones across the raging stream that is finals, and then you're home free! Your summer stands ahead of you, long and never ending and full of possibilities and potential. This summer you'll finally build that tree house, write that novel, go on that cross-country adventure with your friends, try out water skiing! It'll be jam-packed with fun and excitement.

Or will it? I build up summer in my head. I envision it to be countless hours of enjoyment, bonding, camps and activities. Usually it turns out to be short, boring, and lazy. All the fun I imagined myself having adds up to maybe a week, leaving the other eight or nine empty. It's a let down. A disappointment.

Maybe you have this problem too. So, for both you and me, I decided to compile this list of summer activities. If you're bored during the summer, pop over and take a look, then pick something that you feel like doing. Some activities are challenging, some simple. Some require a friend, others you can do alone.

Without further ado... Ella's List of Things To Do In Summer!

Larger Commitments

1. Volunteer somewhere. If you're in high school like me, you need a certain amount of community service hours to graduate. There are plenty of places you can volunteer, which will get you those hours and give you something to put on your college resume. Research organizations and events to volunteer for online. Some things to get you started: your local Humane Society, Boys and Girls Club, your local library, running, swimming and other races. Call them or go on their websites for details.

2. Do A Summer Camp. There are summer camps for all ages, and plenty of programs for teens that are a ton of fun and cover lots of topics. Art camps, film camps, nature camps, sleepaway camps, you name it. If you don't want to actually participate in a camp, then volunteer to help out at a camp for younger kids. Some camps will hire teenagers, so you might even get paid.

3. Get A Job. There are plenty of jobs for teenagers in the summer. If you're interested in working for a summer camp, go online to your local Parks and Recreation site. Parks and Rec runs lots of camps and usually hires teenagers. If you're not interested in a camp, go to the website for your local mall and look for job openings at the shops there. Maybe you have a favorite store that you're interested in working for (and as a bonus, you'll get a discount when you buy their products!)

Fun, Easy Activities

1. Go to the beach/pool.
2. Go to the fair/amusement park.
3. Go to brunch with your friends.
4. Have ice cream.
5. Go shopping.

Outdoor Activities

1. Sailing/surfing.
2. Swimming at a pool/beach.
3. Bike ride/run/walk.
4. Camping. 
5. Rollerblading. 

For the Crafter/Artist

1. Learn to knit/crochet/finger knit/weave
2. Take an art or crafting class. Look up classes online or check in with your local art studio.
3. Learn to make pottery. There are lots of classes for this and it's a ton of fun.
4. Have a craft fair! You can set it up like a lemonade stand, or you can try to snag a spot at a local farmer's market or craft festival.
5. Submit artwork to your local fair/expo. I know the fair in my area lets kids, teens, and people of all ages submit their artwork to be displayed at the exposition. As long as your art meets the guidelines, everyone gets in! Look it up.
6. Submit your artwork to magazines. Some literary magazines like Cicada and Cricket have art contests you can enter, and sometimes they just ask for open submissions. Visit the magazine's website for more information.

For the Writer

1. Work on that novel!
2. Edit that novel!
3. Submit that novel for publication!
4. Take the summer as an opportunity to write, write, write. Submit as many stories as you can to as many contests and magazines as you can. If you don't know where to start, read my post on places for teens to get published.  You can also submit to writing contests put out by Cicada, Cricket, and other magazines, which often have poetry and story contests for their readers.
5. Attend a writing course, class, workshop, or camp.
6. Start a mini newspaper, either in print or online. Or start a newsletter for your street or neighborhood.

Earn Money

1. Arrange a streetwide yard sale! Get everyone on your street to clear out their old junk, and then set a date and advertise, advertise, advertise!
2. Volunteer to walk a neighbor's dog, or look after their pet while they're on vacation.
3. Mow lawns, either yours or your neighbors.
4. Get a babysitting gig.
5. Start a business! If you have a passion, chances are that can be shaped to help you turn a profit. Pair up with a friend if this seems like a daunting task.

There you have it! Some ways to make your summer a good one. Anything I missed? Let me know!


  1. Love this! I'm planning to get a job this summer and hopefully be productive haha...

    Emily | Lynde Avenue


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