Sunday, April 19, 2015

Summer Happenings

Summer is almost here. Well, really it's two months away. But the moment April rolls around, I start eagerly anticipating the end of the school year. April break just began, and according to all my teachers, the moment we get back school kicks into full throttle. The end of the year is a blur of projects, finals, and all-around hecktickness. My teachers seem to have just realized they have five more units to cram in, and I've been assigned a ton of projects all due in the next month and a half.

Anyway, summer couldn't get here faster. Usually I build up the greatness of summer in my head, filling it with a whirlwind of fun activities and bonding with my friends, but it turns out to be boring and lonely. This year, I really want to work to change that.

First of all, I got accepted into an intensive two-week overnight camp for the arts! Since I'm only a freshman, and they give priority to older kids, I wasn't sure I would get in. But I guess my application was good enough to get me a slot. And, as it so happens, my best friend got accepted as well! We are both really lucky we made it in, and I'm super excited. I've actually never been to an overnight camp before. I think this will be really fun; I'll be participating in all kinds of art programs, and hopefully bonding with other campers and learning new skills.

I am also hoping to volunteer for the summer reading program at my local library, where little kids log the hours they read and then come in and enter a raffle to win a bike and other prizes. Basically, as a volunteer I would just sit and wait for kids to come in and turn in their hour logs, but I need community service hours to graduate high school, and this seems like a good opportunity. 

I'm also hoping to volunteer at a music camp, which I've been attending since I was eight. Last year they didn't have it, but they're starting up again this year and I feel like I'm a little too old to be a camper, so volunteering is the next best thing. And like I said, gotta get those community service hours!

My neighborhood has a small farmer's market once a week, where vendors sell local produce and food. My band mate and I occasionally place music there, and I'm hoping to make it every week this summer (and maybe earn a little money busking for tips).

The real place where street musicians roll in the dough is downtown. My city is lucky enough to have four whole blocks devoted to a downtown area, where cars aren't allowed to drive, and street musicians can busk for money there. During the summer business is good, because there are plenty of people milling about and shopping. Hopefully my band mate and I will make it down there at least a couple times.

My debatably favorite part of the summer is my street's block party in June. It's more like a crazy fiesta. Every year there's a theme, and all the odd characters on my street come out and run booths and set up lounges and dance, and tons of people come or pass by to see the action. It's a ton of fun, but I also like to capitalize on it. I set up a booth and sell my jewelry and crafts and make a tidy little sum. This year, I've actually been learning jewelery making, so hopefully my jewelry will bring in the big bucks. I'm also hoping to play some music with my band mate while I'm at it.

The only other summer camp I'm signed up for thus far is a bookmaking camp with my friend. We have a kind of tradition of doing a craft camp together at one of the art studios in town, and this year we're signed up to learn how to bind books and do block printing. It should be fun.

Then, of course, the end of the summer goes out with a bang when I have my birthday party. I always have a slumber party. I don't really know what we're going to do this year, but I have plenty of time to figure it out.

Well, that's my summer in a (very long) nutshell! I'll keep you updated through the summer; summertime is when I actually have interesting things to write about here.

What are your summer plans?


  1. Wow your summer seems fun filled with a lot of activities :)
    Art camp sounds really fun.
    My plans are to work at my internships (Boring) and make a few comics (fun):P

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Yes, I'm super excited for the arts program.
      Remember that every internship you do looks good on college and job applications and gives you valuable work experience (sorry I sound like a school counselor--I actually really want a job but I'm not old enough :P)

  2. That all sounds so cool, Ella!
    This year, for all of June I'll be doing book-keeping for a family friend and her business; during that time I'll be spending Thursdays with my best friend, because I don't think I'll be able to work on those days.
    Then, during July, I volunteer to help with the little kids for their one-week VBS, as I have for the past three years since I aged out. I'll also be studying for my drivers test, so I can get my licence this year. And, I'm hoping to start my photography business going, afterward.
    During August, I'm planning to take a CPR course, so I can babysit the kids in my neighborhood with no fears of them, like suffocating or something. XD I'm also going to edit my novel, which I will finish this month, and hopefully find a publishing agent during this time as well. My family also takes a vacation up to Oregon and Washington during this month or the next, so I'll probably be going up there, too.

    Looks like we're doing a lot this summer!

    1. Wow, what a packed summer! Good luck with your photography business; I'm sure you'll get it off the ground. If you open a Flickr account, sometimes businesses will pay to use your photos.

      Good luck with your driver's test! I'll be studying this summer to get my permit.

  3. I'm planning on visiting a friend who lives far away and swimming at my public pool! I know how you feel about building summer up in your head, I do the same thing.

    1. Hooray for getting to visit your friend! It sucks when friends are far away.

      Pool sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to hot days at the lake.

  4. I'm excited for summer as well. Volunteering at the library sounds fun >w<

    Daisy ○ LittleKawaiiDaisy

    1. Yes, I hope it will be! Happy summer!

  5. WOAHHHH Your summer sounds great! I don't have any plans for my summer. Sigh


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