Monday, April 27, 2015


Although nothing major happened over April vacation, I did go to Boston for a couple days with my mom. Here are some pics and highlights.
The Freedom Trail seal
The first day we walked the Freedom Trail, this trail that winds all around the city and stops by tons of historic landmarks. Boston is chock full of history--the revolutionary war practically started there!

A vendor selling jewelry. There were lots of these kinds of carts around the city.
The Statehouse--one of the Freedom Trail stops.
A famous-ish graveyard where Ben Franklin's parents are buried, along with other notable people.

Quincy Market. Inside, it's full of food stands and little restaurants. Like a giant, delicious food court.
The warf. It was a slightly windy day, but not too cold.
Legal Sea Food, where we had lunch the first day.
My delicious lunch: a lobster roll with seaweed salad and onion strings!
An archway with vines wrapped around it.
Mike's Pastry--a really delicious pastry place. It was chock full--the place was packed with people!
Cannoli's from Mike's Pastry--delicious!
Park, fountain, and accordion player.
A historic printing press. A very painstaking process.
The Bunker Hill Monument.
The U.S.S. Constitution. We got to go aboard and below decks. Pretty cool.
We traveled into the city via the T (subway).
The Haymarket.
The last day, we went to the New England Aquarium. I haven't been to an aquarium since I was six, so I was pretty excited. It did not disappoint.

A very happy seal!
A cool tank where you could touch manta rays! They actually liked a little backscratch--they're like dogs!
Cool jellyfish.
One of the four species of penguins at the aquarium.
Clownfish hiding in anemones.
Another cool fishtank.
A very shy sea turtle.
Happy little seals.
Starfish, starfish.
Cranky turtle.
Well, that was my trip! Have you had your vacation yet (if you have one)? What's been going on?

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