Thursday, February 26, 2015


The half pipe at the terrain park

Welcome to a little recap of my February break.

Where I live right now, we are in the middle of February vacation. Usually I would be hanging around at home, groaning because all my friends are off on adventures and I'm stuck in my house with two nagging parents, but fortunately my friend Olivia saved me from that torture this year, by inviting me to go skiing with her at Okemo!

Sunday morning we packed up the car and drove to the ski resort. We rented a condo right beside the mountain, so we could ski in, ski out. We didn't even see the condo until the afternoon, however--the minute we got to the mountain we buckled up our ski boots and headed out to the slopes. It was a warm day (the only one we'd have the whole week), and we spent our time exploring the mountain and all the great trails. 

Unfortunately, on one of the first runs, I failed to see a patch of ice and took a nasty fall. I bruised my hip pretty bad, but I was able to continue skiing. Except here's the catch: that's the hip I naturally fall on every time, so I rebruised it multiple times throughout the course of the vacation. 

In the evening, Olivia and I headed over to the pool, where we swam for a while before warming up I'm the hot tub. We came back, had dinner, and went to bed. 

The next five days played out the same way. Get up early, hit the slopes, come back to the condo for lunch, go out again, return for the evening, go to the pool, eat, fall in to bed exhausted. It was fun and fast, and as I sit in my bunk bed here typing in the wee hours of the morning, I'm sad to say we will be leaving this afternoon. But not before we take a ride on the Timber Ripper, the awesome alpine slide!

Brie in a bread bowl.

Olivia at the trailhead.


  1. That looks super fun! That food looks yummy too! ;)

  2. Woah sounds like you had a fun week! I've never been skiing before but I sure wouldn't mind trying it out lol :b it looks fun! Awesome post, girl!

    1. Thanks! If you ever get the chance, definitely go skiing. It takes a little practice but it's super fun.


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