Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wishing for Snow

Hello, there.

Where I live, it's currently winter (happy summer for all of you over in the southern hemisphere!). Usually we get an ample amount of snowfall over the course of the winter months, but it's always disappointing at times like these, when it feels like the heart of winter and yet there's not a smidgeon of snow on the ground.

Right now, it's bitter cold outside. I just checked the temperature, and it's -1 degree F. (-18 C for any of you who aren't American--I know, I know, this country is so confusing). It's only supposed to get colder as the night goes on, and by tomorrow it should be absolutely frigid. Unfortunately for me, even when the temperature is in the negatives, we still have school. Such fun!

Anyway, I just felt like ranting a little. It's always a little disappointing when it's bitter cold, but without the reward of snow. A serene snowfall can make the coldest day worth it. But without snow? There's just hard ground, icy sidewalks, and wind-burned cheeks. Very depressing.

Around here we often get two big snowfalls--a Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day dump (not Christmas, though, which is too bad.) This November we got a couple inches, and no doubt this February we'll be seeing a foot or more as well. Hopefully that will hold us out until spring!

How is your winter (or summer) going so far? Praying for snow or sunshine? Let me know if you wish! ❄


Ps. I'm trying to post a little more. I went on a two week break (if anyone noticed ;). Frankly, I'm just being lazy. But hey, new year, new me, or something like that. Keep on a look out for more posts, and if I don't post weekly, feel free to leave me a comment reminding me to get my act together. 


  1. I totally understand what your saying. It's not that cold where I live but it is very cold. But NO SNOW! I love it anyway! This weather is my life!

  2. Definitely wishing for snow! The last snowfall where I live was like 3 years ago omg! I hope I get to see snow this year though! Hopefully you get to see some too :b

    1. Oh, wow, you must live in a land of warmth...where I sometimes wish I lived ;)

  3. We have plenty of snow here in Iowa, wish I could send you all some; I can see what you're saying. :)

    1. Lucky you! I bet we'll get some soon.

  4. Hi Ella, winter seems like a lovely season, but we never get it here on the tropical island of Singapore. I'd love to experience the four seasons all year round. :)

    The Happy Candle


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