Saturday, January 31, 2015

What I've Learned in Fourteen Years on This Planet

  1. Sometimes a silent snowfall can be the most beautiful thing.
  2. Always have something to look forward to.
  3. Don't dwell in the past.
  4. Try to focus on the good things, not the bad.
  5. Every season is the best in its own way.
  6. It's the little things that can make you happiest.
  7. It's okay to take time for yourself.
  8. You don't have to have the same interests as your friends to enjoy hanging out with them.
  9. Morning is the best time to film (little film making tidbit, for any of you who like making videos)
  10. Chai tea fixes everything.
  11. There's no shame in wearing your pajamas all day.
  12. It's a little lonely to be the last one to go to sleep in the house.
  13. Explore, explore, explore--whether it's the outdoors, a new hobby, or the internet, you'll always turn up something.
  14. You should feel proud about the little things you do, not just the big.
  15. Doing something nice for a person you will never meet can be incredibly rewarding.
  16. Slow down, look around, make a change.
  17. Organizing things is a great way to feel productive and ready for anything.
  18. If you want to take a long bike ride around the city at 5am, do it! (It's winter, so I'll admit I haven't gotten around to this yet, but I'm sure it would be fun.)
  19. It's okay to doodle in the margins. 
  20. Just because you disappoint someone once doesn't mean they lose their faith in you forever.
  21. Read and watch things that inspire you.
  22. The best ideas usually pop into your head right when you're trying to fall asleep.
  23. In regard to #22, always keep a pad of sticky notes and a pencil by your bed.
  24. Make sure you always have at least one friend you can tell anything to.
  25. Just because so-and-so wrote a book/acted in a movie/released an album/sold a painting/went to the Olympics/founded an organization, ect. at age fourteen doesn't mean you need to as well to be successful. 
And there you have it. A small, hastily-written collection of just a few of the things that I've learned in my fourteen years on Earth. If you have anything to add, I'd love to hear it. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

How to Prepare for a Formal Event

Hello. This Saturday my school is hosting a Winter Ball--supposedly a formal event. It's being held at the Hilton, and we're supposed to dress up fancy and pay fifteen dollars a ticket--that kind of thing. I am by no means a fashion expert, but I thought I'd tell you a little bit about how I'm preparing for this ever-so-fancy occasion.

The first thing you're going to need is a dress. You should decide on your dress first, and find accessories second. Accessories have to revolve around the theme and color scheme of your dress. As you can see here, I picked a black and white one, which came from my favorite local dress shop. The brand is Gilli. The bottom half, if you can't see very well, is made of thick material stitched to look like it's knitted. I like how the skirt is intricately designed, but the top is sleek black to balance it out. This dress isn't extremely fancy, but it wasn't expensive and I think I'll be able to wear it for a variety of occasions.

Now you can move on to accessorizing. Pick accessories that are going to compliment your dress. As you can see on the left, for my necklace I chose a black pendent encircled by small crystals set in sterling silver, on a silver chain. My earrings came in a pack of six (bonus!), but the ones I'll be wearing are the black roses, to match the pendent. Then I decided to go ahead and buy a pack of bows--I think I'll use the black one in my hair. All of these came from Icing.
Moving on to shoes. I've had these boots for a while now, but I like them so I decided to wear them. They're fake black leather, and the buckles have studs on them, which adds a nice flare. The heels are small and not stiletto, meaning I can still get down on the dance floor without trouble. This is a dance, after all!

As you might have noticed, the theme of my fashion choices seems to be black! Still, I'm really happy with my outfit. I didn't show you my makeup here, because I'm not sure what it's going to be yet! I don't like to go so heavy on makeup, so probably just a little eyeshadow, a touch of eyeliner, and some mascara. I'll tell you how the ball went on Sunday. Do you have any events coming up?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Person of My Own Making

I like to think
that I am a person of my own making,
unswayed by the forces that be.
But the truth is
we are all succeptable.
We are all stitched with patches
of other people and other dreams.
The hardest part
is looking at your owns hands
and realizing that you cannot graft onto you
what was born to someone else.
It is painful, I'll admit,
to rip out the stitches
you have so carefully crafted.
But in the end
it's only way to create yourself.

I was feeling particularly poetic this evening, so there you go.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ramblings & Raspberries

ATTENTION BLOGISPHERE: There is a new, snazzy blog out there for you to follow: Ramblings & Raspberries!

Six of my friends and I decided to team up to create a fun, content-packed blog all about our lives, crafts, school, friends, books, writing, and more. After some designing, writing, and very long emails on my part, it's finally up and running. There are only a few posts as of now, but I assure you in the coming days there will be plenty more.

Please just take a minute to click here and check it out, and maybe follow if it strikes your fancy. I'm really excited about this (as are all my friends who are helping me), and hopefully our posts will be interesting and engaging. Ramblings & Raspberries should have something for everyone.

If you decide to pop over, leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Meet Molasses

My dad holding Molasses

Some of you might know that I have a little guinea pig, who I call Molasses. Today I thought I'd just tell you a little about her. First of all, she is the cutest little thing in the world. She's mostly black with patches of white, and she enjoys poking her nose around into anywhere she can manage. She's a curious little pig.

She's three and a half, but I've only had her for 13 months. I got her from the humane society last December, along with her sister, Nutmeg. Unfortunately, in February Nutmeg grew very ill and died. It was devastating. I know many people think that the deaths of small animals are insignificant, that it doesn't make sense to cry unless the pet was a beloved dog or a larger animal such as that. But animals, no matter how small or how long you've had them, have a place in your heart. This is something more people need to know: if your friend's pet has just died--whether it was a fish or a lizard or a cat or a hedgehog--please be sympathetic, because it means more to them than you can understand.
Nutmeg (left) and molasses (right)

Okay, back to the topic at hand: Molasses! Molasses is a happy little pig, who enjoys sleeping, eating, and pushing around her cardboard box. Some guinea pigs just sit around all day, but not Molasses! She has a real personality--she's a spunky little pig. She's a bit of a bully, to be honest. She likes to headbutt you if you pet her the wrong way, and she runs around like a maniac. But she can also be sweet--she'll gently nibble your fingers and let you snuggle her in her arms, and she can't resist a good, juicy carrot.

Everybody who meets her falls in love with her. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you she's the cutest little thing they've ever seen. I, for one, cannot pass her cage without reaching down to stroke her little nose, or (and this is slightly embarrassing) bursting into spontaneous song about her adorableness. Yup.
Molasses nibbling on her favorite treat--fresh grass!

Do you have a pet? If so, what kind? Let me know!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wishing for Snow

Hello, there.

Where I live, it's currently winter (happy summer for all of you over in the southern hemisphere!). Usually we get an ample amount of snowfall over the course of the winter months, but it's always disappointing at times like these, when it feels like the heart of winter and yet there's not a smidgeon of snow on the ground.

Right now, it's bitter cold outside. I just checked the temperature, and it's -1 degree F. (-18 C for any of you who aren't American--I know, I know, this country is so confusing). It's only supposed to get colder as the night goes on, and by tomorrow it should be absolutely frigid. Unfortunately for me, even when the temperature is in the negatives, we still have school. Such fun!

Anyway, I just felt like ranting a little. It's always a little disappointing when it's bitter cold, but without the reward of snow. A serene snowfall can make the coldest day worth it. But without snow? There's just hard ground, icy sidewalks, and wind-burned cheeks. Very depressing.

Around here we often get two big snowfalls--a Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day dump (not Christmas, though, which is too bad.) This November we got a couple inches, and no doubt this February we'll be seeing a foot or more as well. Hopefully that will hold us out until spring!

How is your winter (or summer) going so far? Praying for snow or sunshine? Let me know if you wish! ❄


Ps. I'm trying to post a little more. I went on a two week break (if anyone noticed ;). Frankly, I'm just being lazy. But hey, new year, new me, or something like that. Keep on a look out for more posts, and if I don't post weekly, feel free to leave me a comment reminding me to get my act together.