Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Truth About Braces

As some of you might remember, this past July I got braces. I've now had them for almost exactly five months, which obviously doesn't make me any kind of expert, but these past few months I've racked up a few tidbits of wisdom I feel at liberty to share with you. So now, for all you braces-and-non-braces-having people alike, I present The Truth About Braces (now a major motion picture).

1. Getting them on hurts the worst. When they first put your brackets on and tighten those awful wires; that's when your mouth is going to be the most sore. They told me it would hurt for at most, four days. It hurt for eight. For the first week, you won't be able to eat anything remotely crunchy, and most things will have to be chewed in the very back of your mouth, where it hurts the least. When you get them tightened every six or so weeks after that, you'll be sore for a few days, but it will never be as bad as that awful first time.

2. Once you get braces,  everyone feels at liberty to tell you how crooked your teeth used to be. Maybe this is just me, but I found that once I got my braces on, suddenly everyone seemed to feel free to admit that before my front teeth were definitely crooked. It's one of those times when you're like, Should I be offended or not? Fortunately, it doesn't bother me that much. My teeth straightened out pretty quick after I got them on, and I know they weren't perfect before, so I like to think that when people tell me how crooked my teeth used to be they're just giving me a very oddly-worded compliment. 

3. Braces will kill your toothbrush. I wish I could take a photo and show you how banged up my toothbrush is right now, after less than a month of using it. The bristles get caught in your brackets, and are constantly being torn out and thrown askew. If you think of a toothbrush as a head of hair, mine has 100% split ends. Nowadays I have to replace it a lot more than I used to.

4. Your orthodontist will never be satisfied with your brushing. Orthodontists are like dentists. Every time you go into the office, they cluck their tongue and tell you that you have hoards of plaque in between your teeth and that you need to angle your toothbrush more and how many times a day do you even brush? Two? NONSENSE! I have five steps of dental care I go through every night, and still it's never enough for my orthodontist. WILL I EVER BE GOOD ENOUGH?!

5. Your orthodontist will warn you about the dangers of candy. But, if you are like me, you will eat it anyway. I popped two brackets in one week, after Halloween. If you non-braces folks don't know what that means, basically two of my brackets came unglued and just kind of slid around on the wires, not doing any work to help straighten out my teeth. It doesn't hurt, but it really makes me paranoid. I've popped three brackets in five months. (I'm trying to be careful, I swear!)

So there you have it. The truth about braces, plain and simple. All the action and adventure you didn't pay for! Hurrah! There are a lot more things I could say about braces (wax, soreness, when your orthodontist doesn't give you colors even though all your other friends have them and…okay, calm  down, Ella) but I think this post is long enough. 

Oh yeah, and I'm getting glasses. Turns out I'm nearsighted. The end.


  1. I was thinking about doing this post myself! I have had a few of the same problems, but not all of them.
    To tell the truth, my teeth have been like ten times worse than I normal person's. I started with half braces (due to baby teeth), a clicky jaw and crooked teeth.
    After a while, I got the rest of the braces on and it went straight back to what it had been like at the beginning.
    Then I got double wires and it was sore again (but not like the first time)
    And then we slowly got rid of them.
    But luckily, now I'm not even having to wear the bands! I've had my braces for a year and so I've got only another one to go.
    I found that the bands affected my clicky jaw and made it worse. Sometimes (like at night or when singing), my jaw would get stuck and I wouldn't be able to move it.
    But, honestly, they're not as bad as everyone makes out and my orthodontist is really nice, so, nothing to worry about there. I've never even popped a bracket or needed an emergency check up.

    1. I feel for you...before I got my braces I had a palate expander, but I got a cold sore in the back of my mouth which made it hurt SO MUCH. Braces unite!

  2. I still really want braces :c it sucks that you can't have colors...that's like the best part of having braces..not to rub it in or anything lol

    1. I probably could get colors, I'm just too shy to ask my dentist :)

  3. it is so worth it! enter my giveaway ! :)

  4. I haven't been on your blog in awhile so expect a bit of a comment spree over today and tomorrow ^.^

    Braces! I've had them for nearly two years, and in several months I will finally have them removed! When I first got them, they hurt-- not as bad as I expected though. In middle school people would be out for sometimes three days. I don't know why it didn't hurt much because I took a load of painkillers (probably why I slept so much that first week). And braces can sometimes causr jaw problems. I had to deal with it, and I just got back from a physical therapist a week ago just to fix my jaw. But how long will you have your braces up to?

    xoxo Morning

    1. I need mine for 2.5 years, and apparently I do have some jaw problems to begin with, but hopefully they'll go away (otherwise--jaw surgery when I'm 17!)


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