Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Cheer

SOLVE FOR X: pumpkins + costumes + candy = x

Solution: x = HALLOWEEN.

Halloween is upon us! Carve your pumpkins, pull out your costumes, grab that pillowcase and head out to the streets to get free candy from complete strangers! What could be better? Nothing.

This Halloween, my friend Marika and I decided we wanted to be raggedy birds. We made wings that extend out when we extend our arms and attached colorfully patterned cloth to them, cut out in the shape of feathers. She has a bunch of masquerade masks, which we are using for our face. 

We wore our costumes to school and that alone made it basically the best day ever.

Last night I carved an awesome pumpkin. The video below should be self-explanatory.
Anyway, tonight a couple of friends and I are going to trick-or-treat and hang out and it should be a ton of fun. I hope you have the best Halloween imaginable, and that you gets lots of candy (if you choose to go trick-or-treating :), and that you do not get a cavity. Because that would be no fun at all.



  1. Trick or Treating is the best part of Halloween! I hope you had fun!:D
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart


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