Thursday, September 11, 2014

Windy Days

You know those days where you wake up, and look out your window, only to find that it's blustering relentlessly outside? Those days when the wind just won't let up, when it rips the papers from your hands and teases the hair around your face and tugs at the tree branches until they bend and submit. When the sky clouds over and casts a gray filter over the world.

Yeah, we all know those days, don't we? Well, today was one of those days. And maybe I should have thought, Darn, September weather is catching up to me, it actually made me kind of excited. There's something about an overcast, windy day that makes me feel like I'm the heroine of a mystery novel, or that a raven is going to fly down and deliver a message from some distant land in the sky. It seems as if anything could happen.

Biking to school was quite an adventure; a fun one. There is this cute little street I have to ride through, where all the houses are painted bright colors and the gardens are spilling over with shrubs and flowers. On this particular street, the wind had knocked two recycling bins into the road, and there were magazines flapping all over the street, little birds preparing to take flight. I stopped my bike and moved the bins back to the curb, then returned some of the lost magazines. My good deed for the day.

This afternoon the sky cleared up and the sun came out, and the wind died down a little, and the air of mystery faded away. Maybe tomorrow will be another windy day on the brink of adventure. Who knows?


  1. This was inspiring. Love the picture!

  2. Wow, Ella! So wonderfully written; I could just see the trees moving and the world swelling with wind. =) Great job!


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