Friday, September 26, 2014

Scribblings and Comics

Hi, guys. I've been having a lot of fun with the new school-issued iPads, and in my spare time I've created a bunch of little doodles and such. I figured I might as well share a little corner of my stash with you, so here you are.

I'm thinking maybe I'll post a recent doodle or comic once a week, if you guys enjoy these. Tell me what you think!

This one is kind of random, but hey, it rhymes!

Feel free to interpret.

Sushi are so fun to draw :D

Tis the truth. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ukuleles and Llamas (among other things)

Hey guys! Long time no see. As usual, my life has been busy as ever, what with jetting off to other countries for important meetings and the like. Or not. Anyway, today two of my friends, Olivia and Marika, and I went to a harvest festival in our area, and Marika and I played an hour's worth of songs in one of the tents, which was pretty exciting. All our own material. (Marika is my bandmate.) Then the three of us walked around and ate way too much food, and also tried to make the llamas like us. But they didn't. Because they are very indignant creatures that mingle only with their own kind. I think in total I ate two pieces of chicken, one slice of pumpkin pie, one crepe with cinnamon sugar, honey, and apples inside, 1/3 of a cone of cotton candy, and half a maple lemonade. I was very stuffed by the end of the day. 

Hope you all had a good Saturday. More posts coming soon!
Marika and me playing a set

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Welcome, Autumn

The days are getting colder. The leaves are turning redder. The nights are growing longer. What does this mean? Fall is here!

Fall is my favorite season. Actually, my favorite season is usually whichever one happens to be present at the moment. Come winter, I'll probably be ranting about how much I love it. But that's a post for another time.
For now, I decided to just make a list of why I adore the season of fall. Enjoy.

1. Chai tea. My unofficial mantra is that chai tea fixes everything. One thing I love about cold days is that I can curl up in my bed with a book and sip cup after cup of chai tea. Sure, summer is an opportunity for a nice iced chai latte, but it's just not the same as during the colder seasons.

2. Fashion. I can't help but adore fall fashions. Loose sweaters. Long scarves. Knee high boots. I could never successfully pull off the casual look of fall, but I'm content with just pouring over photos of adorable outfits on the Internet while I sit hunched at the computer in my baggy hoodie and pajama pants.

3. Fall foliage. Where I live, fall means leaves turning brilliant shades of red and orange and drifting to the ground, leaving the branches bare and striking. There's something about walking down the street and hearing the crunch of crisp leaves beneath your feet that leaves* you with a feeling like no other.
*See what I did there? I know, I'm so punny. Whoops, did it again! Okay. Sorry.

4. Cool weather. I have a very low tolerance to cold (and I mean LOW), but I can't help but like the cool, fresh feeling of fall air. I like bundling up and going outside and just feeling like fall is here, everything's great, and Halloween is just around the corner. Which leads me to my next bullet...

5. Halloween. Must I explain myself for this one? Halloween is an opportunity to dress up in awesome costumes and get free candy. Who can say no to that? Even though this year I feel like I'm finally too old to go trick-or-treating, I'll still be content with staying home and sneaking Snickers out of the candy bowl while I watch Netflix. Plus, Halloween is on a Friday this year. And everything's better when it's a Friday.

So there you go! What do you guys like about fall? Let me know in the comments! :)

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get myself another cup of chai....

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Windy Days

You know those days where you wake up, and look out your window, only to find that it's blustering relentlessly outside? Those days when the wind just won't let up, when it rips the papers from your hands and teases the hair around your face and tugs at the tree branches until they bend and submit. When the sky clouds over and casts a gray filter over the world.

Yeah, we all know those days, don't we? Well, today was one of those days. And maybe I should have thought, Darn, September weather is catching up to me, it actually made me kind of excited. There's something about an overcast, windy day that makes me feel like I'm the heroine of a mystery novel, or that a raven is going to fly down and deliver a message from some distant land in the sky. It seems as if anything could happen.

Biking to school was quite an adventure; a fun one. There is this cute little street I have to ride through, where all the houses are painted bright colors and the gardens are spilling over with shrubs and flowers. On this particular street, the wind had knocked two recycling bins into the road, and there were magazines flapping all over the street, little birds preparing to take flight. I stopped my bike and moved the bins back to the curb, then returned some of the lost magazines. My good deed for the day.

This afternoon the sky cleared up and the sun came out, and the wind died down a little, and the air of mystery faded away. Maybe tomorrow will be another windy day on the brink of adventure. Who knows?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

iPhone 6 Release Spoof

Hey guys. As you might know, I have a YouTube channel. I have a very special video for you today…the new iPhone 6 came out this afternoon, and I decided to do a spoof on the release. Enjoy!
(Ps. If you don't totally get it, look up the new iPhone :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Respect the Muffin

You've probably all seen those tee shirts that say stuff like, "Cupcakes are Just Ugly Muffins", or other slogans that totally dis muffins as a snack. I think this is a problem that we need to address. This is a form of muffin-bullying. Muffins all throughout kitchens in America feel put down by these sayings, and feel that they, with their healthy nuts and dry texture, are nothing compared to colorful cupcakes with swirly frosting that are 90% sugar. This must stop. We cannot let muffins feel inadequate because of something they cannot help. Muffins and cupcakes are both special in their own ways.

This morning, I made this little comic kind of thing on my iPad, and I guess it's being a little mean to cupcakes, but oh well. Cupcakes have been on top for too long. It's time to let the muffin shine.
Feel free to share image, as long as you give me credit. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Trader Joe's

Things I Like #4

I went to Trader Joe's today. And although I'll admit I've only been three times in my life, I have to say it is one of my favorite grocery stores ever. 

I mean, how can you not like Trader Joe's? Everything is cheap and delicious. And another factor, which is important to a cute-a-holic like me, is that the packaging is adorable. Some of it looks all creative and cute and hand drawn, and even what doesn't is still perfect in its own way. I feel like whoever designed the packaging did it with me in mind. 

Plus, it was raining hard today, and when my mom and I exited the store carrying our bag with the hoods of our raincoats up, an employee with an umbrella came up to us and escorted us to our car. When you have a guy in a Hawaiian shirt dutifully holding an umbrella over your head as you stumble around the parking lot in search of your car--that's good service. 
Please tell me--is this packaging not perfect? These are only a few of the many goodies bought today. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Second Piercings

Hello! Here is a little update ears!

For a while now, I've been wanting to get second piercings, and yesterday my mom took me to finally have it done. However, when we got to the shop, they informed us that my mom needed her driver's license, which she wasn't carrying with her at the time. So I had to run all the way home, get her license, and run back to the shop. We filled out some paperwork, and then I sat down and--KACHUNK, KACHUNK--I had two pretty new piercings on my earlobes!

In case any of you are wondering if you should get second piercings (or even firsts) here are my little words of wisdom for you. First of all, second piercings don't hurt any more than firsts. They're basically exactly the same. You just feel a sharp pinch, and then your earlobes feel a little hot, then you wipe them with this special cleaning solution and they feel fine. It's really quite easy. Second, if you're worried that you might be allergic to certain metals, go with gold studs to start. Gold is the least allergenic metal. When I got my first piercings, I used gold, and it all worked out fine. For these second ones, I opted for white gold.

If you have any ear-piecing questions, I would be happy to answer them! (Note: I'm not any kind of expert, but I know some basic things). I'm really happy with the way these piercings turned out and I can't wait for six weeks to go by, so I can change them.

Happy Labor Day!
Newly pierced!