Sunday, August 3, 2014

World Fellowship

On Friday, my mom and her friend and I all piled into the car to drive to World Fellowship. World Fellowship is this place with a campground where you can stay, and a big lodge-type place where all the guests eat together in a dining hall. They have programs and things for the guests to participate in and hiking trails to take.

On our way, we stopped at Rainbow Sweets Bakery (for more on that click here), where I got an empanada and Johnny Depp's Balls, same as last time.
A taste of coffee-chocolate frosting the owner offered us. Mmm...

We continued on, stopping again only at Garnet Hill, this store my mom likes, to take advantage of a big sale they were having. We finally got to World Fellowship, where we met some more friends, checked in, and then set up our tents. We decided we wanted to go for a quick swim before dinner, so we grabbed our towels and swimsuits and ran down to the pond. They have a nice little pond, with rowboats and kayaks and two docks floating out in the water. The shore is also covered with wild blueberry bushes, which you can pick and eat as you please.
The pond
We took a quick dip, then hurried back just in time for dinner. Everyone eats in this big room with lots of long tables, and the food is very good. That night it was barbeque chicken as the main course, with kale and cornbread on the side.

After dinner we went to watch Fun Night, where guests can perform for each other, kind of like a talent show. I played my baritone ukulele and sang a song I wrote. I was so nervous that my knees were shaking. Fortunately, I made it out alive.

The next day we had breakfast, and then my mom's friend's daughter and I hung around for a while. There's a lot of stuff for kids to do, including an awesome climbing tree, a ping pong table, a badminton/volleyball court, and a really cool rope swing in the woods which is super fun. After a while, the adults announced that we were all going on a hike. It was easy and pretty short, through the woods, and there were a lot of interesting mushrooms along the way. The ground was moist and woody; perfect mushroom habitat.

Post-lunch we went down to the pond again and swam around for a while, then amused ourselves picking blueberries. There were tons of bushes along the bank, which you could get to using the kayaks.

That was about all we did that day; today we went swimming again before we left. My mom's friend's daughter was picking some blueberries by the bank of the pond, when all of the sudden she cried out and came running back to us.

"I think a bee stung me!" she exclaimed, holding out her arm. Sure enough, there was a little red mark by her elbow. We hustled her back to the lodge to get some baking soda on the sting, and also because her mom is allergic to bee stings, meaning there was a possibility that she could be as well. Fortunately, she didn't show any signs of a reaction and after a while we concluded she was fine.

Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell! Mine was pretty fun--how was yours?


  1. Wow, sounds like you had a nice weekend! Our family kind of hung around this weekend, but in a couple of days we are going to Maine! Hiking is so fun! That is neat that you saw mushrooms; I was watching a couple little boys after church and we went mushroom hunting. lol Swimming is a lot of fun! I hope you have a good week!


    1. Maine sounds like fun! I hope the water is nice (if you're going to be near the ocean, that is)

  2. Hi! I nominated you for the Beautiful Blog Award: Life as a Young Lady :)


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