Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello, High School

High school.

I'm going to be a freshman. New school, new people, new teachers, new everything. This is probably going to be the biggest school transition of my life, even bigger than going from elementary to middle school. See, my schools were right next to each other, practically the same building. As a young'un I had occasionally ventured into the middle school building to use their gym or go to their library, so I knew the place pretty well, and it wasn't such a big deal when I moved from fifth to sixth grade.

But now I'm going to a whole new building, which I barely know at all, with over three times the number of students than there were in my middle school. There are six different buildings, and they all look exactly the same. Back in May all us incoming freshman went to an orientation, where seniors showed us around, but after the tour was over I still had NO idea where anything was. I mean, that place is HUGE.

If you're shaking your head as you're reading this, thinking, Oh, you are such a wimp. My school has 3000 kids in it, well good for you. But going from 350 students to over 1000 is kind of terrifying to me.

And here are some of my other concerns: what if all the classes are super hard? What if I fail? What if I get a ton of homework? High school is the really critical part of your education; what you do in those four years can determine your future forever. I mean, colleges are going to be looking at your records, deciding if they like you or not, if you're a good student, that kind of stuff. HIGH SCHOOL CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR FUTURE.

I probably sound dramatic. And I know everyone says freshman year is the easiest, that you'll look back on that year fondly as you sit down to take the SATs. But that's like telling a kid at the doctor's office that it won't hurt a bit to get a shot; that at the end of the process they'll realize it wasn't so bad after all. When doctors say that, it does not stop me from worrying. When kids say freshman year is easy, it really doesn't ease my mind.

So there you go. All my fears poured out into a couple paragraphs for the whole Internet to see. If you have any advice for me about starting high school, or if we share any of the same fears, feel free to comment.

High school, here I come.


  1. I wish you luck for high school!

  2. All the luck! And trust me, my school seemed ENORMOUS when I first visited, I know the feeling.

  3. Goodluck hun!!! Highschool really isn't all that bad and all that pressurizing. Just wait til you're a senior, or in uni...


  4. Good luck, Ella! You'll survive. I did on the first day. :)

    xoxo Morning


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