Thursday, August 21, 2014

DIY: Pressed Flowers

Hello there! Today I'll be showing you a super simple DIY: Pressed flowers! 

What You Need
1. A variety of flowers from your garden
2. Two sheets of wax paper
3. A couple of heavy books

What to Do
1. Lay the flowers out flat on a sheet of wax paper. How you leave them is how they will preserve.
2. Cover them with the second sheet.
3. Carefully place the heavy books on top.
4. Now we wait. Flowers actually take a very long time to press. I had to press mine for a couple of weeks. For best results, wait as long as possible.
5. After a few weeks have gone by (and if it's summer, those weeks will pass in a blink), remove the books and carefully peel the flowers from the paper. Voila! Perfectly pressed flowers!

You can use them for any purpose, from scrap booking to other arts and crafts projects. I actually put some of mine in the cover of my new binders for school, and they look really cool.

Have fun!
Some flowers that I put in my English binder


  1. Awesome! Those look amazing:)

  2. Your pressed flowers are lovely! I used to press a lot, and my dear papa built me a flower press!

  3. I love to press flowers! I love the front of your notebook! Haha, the line about weeks in summer going by super fast is SOOO true! Haha!



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