Saturday, August 9, 2014

DIY: Painted Rock Markers

Hey there! Today I'm going to be doing a little DIY, showing you how to make cute markers for the plants or vegetables in your garden, using rocks and paint. Let's start, shall we?

What You Need:
1. Any number of fairly large, flat rocks.
2. One large paintbrush.
3. One small, fine paintbrush.
4. A variety of bright paints (nothing too dark, or the lettering won't show up.) I'd suggest acrylic paint. Definitely not watercolor.
5. One black or dark blue or purple paint (for the lettering.)
What to Do:
1. Lay out some newspaper on a flat surface, where you want to do your painting, and put the rocks on top of it.
2. Shake up your paints (don't want them to be separated!) and then open the paint cans.
3. Dip in your BIG brush and paint the first side of the rock or rocks.
4. Wait an hour or two for the paint to dry. Don't leave it out in the rain while it's drying, or it will wash away.

5. After they've dried completely, turn the rocks over and commence painting the other side. Let them dry again.
6. Now using your SMALL brush, dip it into the black/dark blue that you are going to use for your lettering. Before actually doing the lettering, I'd suggest penciling out the letters so you don't mess up.
7. Letter the rest of your rocks, and ta-da, you're done! They don't necessarily need to be for your vegetable garden; they can be for anything. You can do little pictures, or write your name...whatever you want. Have fun!


  1. Nice job on the rocks! They look like pretty and effective markers!

  2. Great Post & lovely Blog!♥
    I follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin, hope you follow back :-)


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