Friday, July 25, 2014

New Jersey

Around 11 this morning my family got in the car and we drove to New Jersey, where my cousin's wedding is happening tomorrow. It was a long and uneventful ride, the high point being when we stopped at a rest stop and I got a pulled pork sandwich. Let me warn you now: 5 'o clock on the highway in New Jersey is not fun. Steer clear if possible. 

Finally, around 6:30, we reached our hotel. Inside we got a goody bag filled with mints and rice krispie treats and other snacks and went up to our room. After settling in we called one of the hotel shuttles to bring the whole family (including cousins, aunts and uncles we met at the hotel) to Red Lobster. Two minutes later our shuttle came, and a group of young college kids breezed right by us and stole it! I'm sure they didn't mean to, but still, we had to wait an extra fifteen minutes until the shuttle returned. 
Inside the hotel

We finally got to Red Lobster, then waited a little while for a table to seat all 13 of us. We got one, ordered, waited for a long time, then were informed that one of the cooks had sliced himself in the kitchen somehow and was being taken to the hospital, so guess what? More waiting! Yay! Eventually around 9:30 our meals came and we dug in. I got lobster. Because lobster is delicious. Of course it's better in Maine when it's all fresh and such but it was good here too. 
My lovely lobster. I appreciate your sacrifice. 

Anyway, that's about all for tonight. I'll write more tomorrow. 


  1. I love your blog, it's so unique and I love the content! Keep up the good work!
    Lucy xx

    1. Thank you! I like your blog as well.


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