Saturday, July 19, 2014


Shoots coming off of our hens and chicks.
Aren't hens and chicks just the nicest succulents?
More of our hens and chicks patch.
Lovely lily.
Bees love our oregano plant.
The cherry tomatoes are just starting to get ripe! I can't stand normal tomatoes, but I love to snack on cherry tomatoes.
For years my mom was always going on and on about buying a dwarf cherry tree, but we finally settled for a mini pear tree. There are actually three types of pears grafted into it. Hopefully we'll get some fruit next season.
Blueberry season is coming up!
These little beetles invade our grapevine every year.... It's my job to get rid of them.
The grapes have still got a ways to go.
Little flowers on the crawling thyme.
Fun fact about bee balm: you can pluck off the little pink flowers in a bunch and suck a tasty little juice from the bottoms. It's actually quite good.


  1. We have those bugs too :( they are on our rosebushes. I was really confused about the hens and chickens for a couple seconds and I thought you had bought the animals.


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