Friday, July 11, 2014


Things I Hate #1


What can I say? Does anybody like braces? I think not. I got upper and lower braces on Monday, and I can tell you first hand they are not fun. First of all, they take forever to get on. I mean, I was laying in that chair at the orthodontist for 2hrs and 45mins while they put all these tubes and metal tools and weird substances in my mouth. 90% of the time I had no idea what they were doing to me. They could have been drilling holes in my teeth and I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Second of all, for the first couple of days your mouth feels really sore and it's basically impossible to eat anything. I was sort of able to chew food in the very back of my mouth, but even barely touching a spoon to my front teeth hurt. I basically just ate applesauce and chickpeas and ice cream. Which I guess isn't that bad, but think of all the things I'm not allowed to eat from now on! Popcorn, gum, chips, carmel, just to name a few. A lot of candy is off limits, which sucks, because I LOVE CANDY.

Third of all, food gets stuck in the brackets and the wires all the time. When I eat something, it basically means I'm going to be walking around with food in my teeth. And nobody likes that.

Fourth of all, brushing my teeth takes ten times longer now. I have to brush, then I have to floss with this special flossing contraption, then I have to use this little brush thingamajig to get out any remaining gunk stuck under the wires, and then I have to use this thing called a Waterpik to flush out my mouth, and finally I have to gargle with mouthwash. It's a long process.

Well, that's braces for you folks. If you have straight teeth, congratulations. Genetics was kind to you. If you have braces like me, then yay, we're BRACES BUDDIES! Either way, you're awesome. :D


  1. Genetics were not kind to me lol.
    I know a lot of people say braces sucks, but I still want them lol.
    Too bad my family can't afford them lol

  2. :P Don't worry, you're not missing much


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